Yes, why is my machine stopping in mid print, and giving me a air assist problem, then cleaned and made sure that the air assist is working. only to stop in mid print once again to tell me that there are no errors, and in fact, keeps on counting down the amount of time it still has to print. Then I shut it down and then says it has a air assist problem then I make sure it doesn’t have a air is this problem started up and it stops in mid print once again it’s been doing this since yesterday. Thoughts. And yes, before people state the obvious to make sure to clean it well and everything we’ve already done that twice already,


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While it’s possible that your cables, or connectors are failing, it’s very likely that while your fan is clean, the chute underneath is not.

They too believed it was clean and yet:


So many things can happen with the air assist. Once, i removed the entire thing, cleaned it, it was super clean and gunk free, but it was sticky because of all the mdf i cut and didn’t spin well.

Another thought is are they using magnets to hold down their materials? Is the only thing i can think of causing problems mid-print.


:smile: good typo


Lmao, that’s what i get for typing on my phone with one eye open. Problem is, can’t remember the word i think i meant. Guessing it was “happen,” though interfere is closer to the keys i use for swift typing.


Thank you everyone. I ordered a new fan on Etsy and I’m waiting to install it. We cleaned it up the best that we could and I have a request in for Glowforge. I’m hoping someone gets back to me. Seems this has happened at the same time for the past 2 years?

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What happened two years ago? I’m not sure what this means.

Did you clean the chute as suggested? There should be no reason you need a new fan unless it really is a cable issue, in which case it’s unlikely whatever you’ve ordered off ebay is going to help.

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