Masking melting on Draftboard on 3d Engrave

When 3d engraving on medium draftboard, the masking is melting into goo at edges of deep areas. Is this expected?

In the image you can see the 3d engrave on the bottom. The black shiny bits are melted masking. You can see where I peeled back the masking on one leaf to the edges of the melt. The top is an old engrave of a less contrasty version of the same image.


This is a problem with the masking on all of the :proofgrade: when engraving with areas that don’t thoroughly burn through the mask.
It goes against what the company recommends but I get good results by removing the mask for things like this.


Don’t know if it’s to be expected, but… To be fair, it is draftboard. I mean, its whole purpose in life is to prototype before you do it on expensive wood. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure the masking would melt the same way on wood. And its a serious pain to try and remove the goo, especially with lots of fine detail. Unless there is a magic cleaner/brush combo that takes it off I suspect removing the mask before the engrave will be the way to go.

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A lot of us have had great success on photo engraves by removing the front masking (and I would have sworn @dan recommended this at some point). Haven’t had an opportunity to try 3D yet, but that’s what I would try first.

Best of luck, and keep on sharing.

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The magic cleaner brush combo for the smoke stains is fast orange and a tooth brush. Don’t know if it works on the melted adhesive yet though.


Toothbrush and rubbing alcohol or acetone takes off the adhesive.


Thanks for letting us know. I’m taking a look!

Because of what Draftboard is made of, you can expect to see some residue.

Here’s the method we like to use to get rid of the residue:

  1. Load up a dry fingernail brush with liquid pumice soap
  2. Scrub the print thoroughly
  3. Rinse the print with water using as little water as possible so you don’t soak the material.

Let us know if it helps!

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