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I was wondering what masking paper people based in the UK are using, and where to purchase it I had found a good one on amazon but they no longer have it in stock and looking online I’m finding a lot of ‘draping’ (paper with a trip of tape) even when searching for laser engraving masking paper.

I tend to do a lot of detailed work and sanding to get rid of scorch marks is not really an option as it can ruin the detail.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Em x

Search for “vinyl transfer tape”. The paper ones are not made out of vinyl, they’re used as backing for vinyl transfer stencils.

Don’t get the plastic versions of the tape.


yes what James says!

also be aware you can get it in different widths so that might help you save some money if you are using narrower or wider pieces.

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Can’t find the right product name at the moment, but I use the “frog” vinyl masking tape having tried a few I find it was the best.

Thanks so much, I forgot to mention I am masking A3 sized MDF mostly so need something to fit that.
I’ll absolutely check the suggestions so far though.

Thanks again x

Just to check, would this be appropriate?

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