Masking Removal

Removing the masking on the new Glass Green Acrylic and I cannot get it to come off cleanly. I haven’t even cut or engraved the material yet.

Are you asking for tips on masking removal? (I’m asking that because you might be providing feedback on the product – in that case, Glowforge is not going to see it here in the community forum, you should send it directly to them at

A lot of people use Gorilla Tape to help pull off the masking, it’s extra sticky. Another thing that can help is to use a plastic “razor blade” scraper. You can find them on Amazon.

Also, since you mentioned you’re removing it before cutting… you may already be aware of this but I figured I’d bring it up: typically the masking is left on, as it protects the surface from residue while lasering (and from scratches while handling it). Though for photo engraving it can turn into a bit of a sticky mess, so sometimes it’s better to remove it first.


Yes I do all of that and have been a GF user since its inception but the masking seems different than it use to be. Paper peels apart - glue is super sticky. Wondered if anyone else has seen this or it is just the green glass I am using. I have black acrylic that I am using but I bought it years ago and it peels cleanly. I peel off all masking now before engraving anything.

I’ve only seen that on material I bought a long time ago. If it’s new material I’d definitely reach out to support and let them know!


One thing I have found that sticks best to masking (without sticking to everything, as Gorilla tape does) is other masking :grin: If you drag masking across other masking and there is the slightest turn-up of a corner the sticky will grab the other sticky and hang on like a bulldog but not grab anything else. There was a time when I dissolved the adhesive in hand sanitizer, but this is so easy that I no longer bother.

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The Proofgrade acrylic I got in the mail this week has a different kind of masking than they’ve used the past ~5 years. It’s brown not white among other things. That said, I just removed a bunch of it from a sheet and it came off in one piece like it should. If yours isn’t coming off in one piece, maybe there’s a QA issue the company should be aware of. Reach out (support ticket or email with some pictures and I bet they replace it for you.


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