Where do you go when you need masking…not masking tape…but another type of masking when you need it NOW not ordering it? And is there another product besides 3M taping?

I’m not aware of any retail stores that carry paper transfer tape (aka masking). None of the nationwide craft/hobby chains do. In a pinch, 3M masking/painter’s tape from a hardware store will work for wood. On acrylic, a thin layer of dawn dish soap works as laser masking that you can rinse off in a sink after cutting/engraving.


Thank you. The paper tape is what I’m looking for…guess I’m getting some masking tape until my order comes in :wink:
And, thank you for the acrylic tip. I have not gone to the acrylic side but I’m headed there soon.

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A sign shop or sign shop supplier. Like McLogan or Ordway in the Los Angeles area.
Try your local vinyl sign maker or that guy that that makes custom vinyl stickers at the mall cart - they may be willing to sell you a partial roll if you ask nicely (I’ve done it in a pinch :grin: ).


@dan84 is right - I love the dish soap trick on the acrylic! Not only do you not have to mask it, but it just makes the edges come out much smoother instead of having a little ridge. And I just put some paper underneath instead of masking it at all, which also helps when you set focus, especially when using clear acrylic. Works wonderfully!


Look for your local sign shop or sign supply shop they have a couple of different Masking materials called Transfer tape

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