Mastermind Game With Rack & Pinion Box Latching Mechanism


One may have to resort to playing with cutting scraps a lot for a while, since one’s Glowforge is terminally ill. :cry:


I like that idea! Someone (with a working GF) should create a square-peg version!


@Jules just reminded me; I forgot to mention that the 5 little “pegs” that hold the gear mechanism in place make use of @dan’s “teeth” innovation to keep them solidly in place.

I didn’t end up needing it on the finger joints in this design, because the press fit came out pretty much perfect and I didn’t want to make it any tighter for fear of breaking the delicate fingers, but it’s a great innovation and I anticipate it will find its way into a lot more of my designs!


Wholly Moly!
That rack and pinion opening is fantastic!!!

Simply brilliant.

Thank you.

I want to make it and then I want to reverse engineer it and figure out how you figured that out.


It happened in my sleep, so we may never know!


Wow! Great work.


This is a really cool box; from an aesthetic and functional perspective.