Mastermind Game With Rack & Pinion Box Latching Mechanism


One may have to resort to playing with cutting scraps a lot for a while, since one’s Glowforge is terminally ill. :cry:


I like that idea! Someone (with a working GF) should create a square-peg version!


@Jules just reminded me; I forgot to mention that the 5 little “pegs” that hold the gear mechanism in place make use of @dan’s “teeth” innovation to keep them solidly in place.

I didn’t end up needing it on the finger joints in this design, because the press fit came out pretty much perfect and I didn’t want to make it any tighter for fear of breaking the delicate fingers, but it’s a great innovation and I anticipate it will find its way into a lot more of my designs!


Wholly Moly!
That rack and pinion opening is fantastic!!!

Simply brilliant.

Thank you.

I want to make it and then I want to reverse engineer it and figure out how you figured that out.


It happened in my sleep, so we may never know!


Wow! Great work.


This is a really cool box; from an aesthetic and functional perspective.


Well thought out! Thanks for sharing! It looks sharp.


My original GF stopped working correctly when I was in the middle of designing this, so the “final build” I did actually was missing some of the decorative engraving and scoring. Today, prompted by my son’s up coming birthday, I finally got around to making a complete one. Here’s how it looks:


This is really cool! Nice work.


Looks spectacular! (He’s gonna love it.) :grinning:


Oh, so beautiful! Love the little acrylic parts too… Welded?


Nope, cut from 1/4" acrylic. :slight_smile:

Next batch I want to play with defocusing to see if I can soften the top edge a little…I just didn’t have the time today.


When he got it, all present-opening came to a full stop while he played a round with his sister (wife assisting in the background)–and that was despite the fact that the next gift waiting to be opened was wrapped in Star Wars gift wrap! That was pretty gratifying. :wink:


I really like the way you use contrasting woods. It looks so professional. :grin:


Thanks! I like the contrast. :slight_smile:

I realized after the fact that I forgot to follow my own directions and rotate the living hinge to follow the grain, but it bent without any issues, so I just went with it.


I used your pattern to make my grandson’s Christmas gift. Well, mostly, I have to cut the playing parts tomorrow but the box is done. Did it in acrylic, trying to give it more of a Minecraft feel. I also need to clean off my finger prints. Lol.


Wow, the acrylic gives it a whole different look. Nice job! It’s really fun seeing other people’s versions of my designs. :slight_smile:


Wow, this is one of the cooler things I have seen! I am a newbie Forger but I will absolutely come back to this once I have a bit more experience! Thank you for sharing :smiley:


I made a couple more of these the other day, for Christmas presents. On the left is PG red oak hardwood and maple ply, and on the right is PG walnut hardwood and maple ply (all medium).