Material for a sandblast stencil

I was just gifted my first sandblaster and I want to make stencils with the glowforge. I see a lot of people asking but no answers - does anyone have a good recommendation for a laser-safe material for making the stencil?

I have some 3D printing tape I could use but I’m in over my head in determining if it’s actually laser safe.

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Looks like that’s made of masking tape, which is laserable - but if you don’t trust that’s the actual material then not worth the risk.

There are specialized papers for sand blasting, but likely any high tack transfer paper would work:

Per the first post I found when searching “sandblast paper” on the forum there is rubber masking specific to the task:


If the material you are engraving is flat, then LazerMask works well.

Stick it on, engrave at low power to expose the glass, then blast.


Thanks! I’ll admit I had eliminated those 2 because I am trying to dip my toe in a bit cautiously (and not jump immediately to over $100 material for this project). That LazerMask is indeed quite cool though. If anyone has seen it in smaller quantities I’d love to know more!

High tack transfer paper seems to be mostly vinyl which I wouldn’t expect to be very laser safe?

It’s sold to be used on vinyl, but if it’s paper transfer tape then it’s literally sticky paper. There are long conversations on here about that particular confusion. Amazon is particularly bad about what gets listed under “materials”. Any of the links in the post above are paper.


They’ll send you a sample of LazerMask if you ask. It’s 2-3 pieces about 6" x 4".


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