Material for raising up without a crumb tray

I was cutting some thick foam so I had to take out the crumb tray but I had to raise it up to be in the correct cutting zone and I stupidly used some plywood. A scorch on the wood caught the foam on fire.

I’m going to need some replacement parts :frowning: but when I get back up and running, what do people use to raise material up to the correct height? I’m thinking some sort of thin metal top sheet raised up by plywood sheets would work.

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Ugh, sorry about the fire, that bites. Hopefully it’s all superficial damage.

Anytime you’re layering material - no matter what it’s made of - there’s an increased chance of fire. A thin sheet of tinfoil over your riser material may help some, but it’ll increase flashback. OTOH, risers that have very little material in contact may solve your problem entirely.

This thread starts with a 3D printed set of risers, but further down there are a few different options for laser cut versions :slight_smile:


I would get one step ahead of the game here and post pictures of the damaged parts so the support team can see how they need to address this. It would save you a little time.

I already sent in a support request with pictures but here they are for other people to see. In addition to the band being mostly destroyed, I was getting an error that the airflow fan was not working. I need to clean it out so I’m not sure if it’s that or it was damaged in the fire.

That’s a good idea. The foam I was trying to cut is relatively bendy but it makes me think that getting a honeycomb mesh like the crum tray that isn’t as thick might be a way to go to. I can experiment with some risers like this.

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Ah okay, So this is just a duplicate support request, they will close this one and continue working on your first support ticket via email. :smiley:

No, I just thought people might have some tips on how to best raise up materials when not using the crumb tray

Any time you put something in Problems and Support, it opens a support ticket.

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For assistance on non proof grade materials you will need to post in #beyond-the-manual instead.

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble while using your Glowforge. I see that you’ve reached out to us via email, and I’ve sent you next steps there, so I’m going to close this forum thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.