Material Height issue with crumb tray out

I keep getting this message no matter what height I enter. I’ve entered .275 and I’ve entered 1.5. Neither was accepted and it won’t allow me to print.

what is the ACTUAL distance from the Top of the material to the lens ?

you can’t lie to it :slight_smile: well, not by much, it uses your input to assist the focusing
If the top is too far away, it will not focus and know something’s off


Yep – as @Houdini7 said, you can’t lie to it if your material is too thick. 0.5" is the max height above the crumb tray you can go. If it’s thicker than that, then you need to research cutting without the crumb tray.

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The top of the material must sit between the height that the crumb tray sits or .5" (actually a little less than .5") above that level. GF uses the height of the crumb tray as 0 for height calculations. The floor of the GF sits approximately 1.38-1.4 inches below the height of the crumb tray. So if you have something 0.75 inches thick that you want to engrave and you set it on the floor of the GF you would not be able to engrave it(would be below the level of the crumb tray and you can’t have a negative height). If you set that 0.75 inch material on top of the crumb tray you would not be able to engrave it (it would be too tall - over the 0.5 inch max height). You need to set the 0.75 inch material on top of something else so that the top of the material would be 1.38 to 1.9 inches above the floor. So if you put the 0.75 inch material on top of another 0.75 inch material on the floor you would be 1.5 inches above the floor or 1.5" - 1.38" = .12 inches above the crumb tray. So you would enter a thickness of 0.12 inches.


Or for those of us who think more visually…


Thanks so much for the help in this thread, all! @traci, did this information help?

If you’re still running into trouble, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to investigate further.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email