Material Height Sensing

Known problem: The place you position things on the screen will not match the place you get the final cut.

This is being worked on, and may improve in the future. Yipee!

But it is made far worse any time you have the wrong material height entered in the settings (or haven’t entered it yet).

But I noticed something: The preview shown after you get the glowing button is MORE ACCURATE than the image shown prior to hitting Print.

I assume this is because of the material height sensing which has taken place at this point.

Could we maybe get a button added to the UI which allows us to trigger the material height sensor (we are prompted to choose WHERE on the bed through the UI after clicking the button, or it does the default location based on what is currently set to engrave/cut).

I would love to have this as a more accurate measure than my calipers (which don’t pick up on warp in the material that may raise a portion of the wood). And I know many people do not even have calipers, and this will be of immense benefit to them.

(while I am at the request for things to be added to the UI, how is that “calibrate now” button coming along? I bump the gantry more often than I care to admit, and rebooting the machine is a nuisance)


I love the idea of a new button for calibrate now as well as a new button for measure my material

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Both of these suggestions would improve everyone’s “Glowforge experience”.

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They would indeed.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.

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