Material Placement for smaller acrylic sheet on bed?

So I only have the smaller piece of acrylic left to cut on. Until now, I have always used a full sheet in my GF Plus. Where do I place the smaller sheets? In the middle, the far left, or dead center of the bed?

I try to place scrap pieces as close to the center as possible, to avoid the camera distortion as much as possible when placing the print.

It technically doesn’t matter, but center will probably give you the easiest chance of being able to use the full scrap, plus getting the best alignment (as mentioned above). I frequently use the left edge for keeping things straight, but that impacts how much of the sheet you can use.

Gok. So how do I fund the exact center? Or do you just guess?

Lol…Ok. how do I find

It doesn’t need to be exact center. Don’t overthink this one. Just drop it in the middle of the bed. :slight_smile:


Ok. Great. Yeah, I do over think things at times :slight_smile: Thank you for the fast reply!

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Center it under the lid camera as best you can.


Actually I’d place it gently in the bed. :smiley:

Sorry. Had to.


The funny thing is that I almost went back and said, “Don’t LITERALLY drop it.”


Haha! Ya’ll crack me up!
Don’t worry, nothing gets thrown on my glowforge. Can’t afford to mess it up. Lol.


Thank you for your help everyone!

I’m going to close this thread now, but if you have any further questions, feel free to write to and we’ll be happy to help.