Material Selection

Is there a way in the material selection box:
to see ALL available materials in the drop down? They have added so many materials and devices, it would be nice to be able to scroll through all of them.


If you type in thick or medium, same with acrylic and hardwood it should show all the variations…

That part is easy, I want a way to see all of the available materials/devices without having to know :glowforge:s cryptic names.

No way that i know of to see all the available PG material without typing at least part of the name or type of material…

You can go and look at the Shop. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice idea, Jules, but the shop only shows :proofgrade: material, not all of the devices that are now recognized, :rofl:

Oh sorry, thought you were looking for materials. You just want to know which devices you can engrave on.

that, too, but even getting a list of all supported materials would be nice.

If you looking for ALL materials supported all you are going to see in the UI is the PG material. You can read or search this forum and you will find a lot of material that can be used, but for lack of a better word, not supported by GF.

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One can wish…

Devices currently look like:

Silver MacBook Pro
Magnesium Microsoft Surface 2
Black iPhone 7
Black Microsoft Surface RT
Just Black Pixel 2
Gold iPhone 7
Black iPhone
Silver iPhone 7
Rose Gold iPhone
Kinda Blue Pixel 2
Clearly White Pixel 2



Are you putting that in the Matrix, @Jules, or do I have to figure out where to save it so I won’t lose it? :wink:

:smile: I wouldn’t bother…I’m sure they’ll add to it along the way.

While this should work in theory, I’ve found that for some reason it doesn’t. If I search “acrylic” it only brings up 10 selections and there are way more than that. :-/

Yeah, only the first 10 relevant selections are displayed for any material search.

Thank you for that list, @Jules!

@n6mon, thanks for asking this question - We haven’t announced a feature like it yet, but I’ve let the team know about this thread so they can review it.

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