Material suggestion?


I’m looking to make a new house number sign - the type that hangs from your mailbox like the attached photo. Does anyone have a suggestion for the most weather proof material?


Cedar and mahogany naturally shed water very well.


Maybe thick, black acrylic with engraved numbers. You could paint the numbers with glow in the dark paint? (Not real sure how well the paint works though.)


Two color acrylic? Make it twice and bond them for a double sided signage.
I have used the black + bronze, and it is awesome. Maybe the black + white for this one.


Acrylic may not be UV stable depending on what version you use.

I would probably use redwood, cedar, or mahogany.


Do two cut through with cedar and just a sheet of acrylic or similar and an LED lighting system. if it had a solar switch or timer a D battery could last for months.


If you’re after the same look, then cutting the numbers from 1/8" sheets of cedar and laminating onto a sheet of white acrylic would be the simplest solution.

If you’re after ideas for a more interesting look, well, there are more options than stars in the sky…


Trotec sells UV resistant acrylics under the TroLase brand. I’ve never used it, but worth a try?

Or say to heck with it, try whatever you’ve got, and if it fails just cut the file again with something else – if you own the laser cutter then there’s not much cost in making and re-making…


Thick acrylic. That might be nice. When I think acrylic I always imagine thin and cheap/flimsy looking.


That’s a great idea. Thanks!


Yeah, I’m definitely not looking to keep it as boring as the one pictured, but it still has to be HOA friendly. Ha ha. Definitely lots of options!





The .25 stuff is quite substantial and has a very nice feel to it. It would probably hang well in the wind, especially if you layered it and made it 1/2" . It cuts nicely too. I’m a huge fan of the matte finish acrylic as it doesn’t show prints etc. My local place (Tap Plastic) sells the matte stuff, but you can also get the same effect with sandpaper.

What the heck, you have a laser and if you don’t like the first one, try, try again :slight_smile: Make sure to show us what you come up with!


That was my first thought…


If you are sticking with wood, I’d suggest cedar.


I like the slate idea. Dark slate - a natural material, high contrast and permanent.


I definitely like the slate idea as well.


I did one in red oak back in the PRU days and then it got polyurethaned (or shellacked or something):