Material thickness necessary when autofocus selected?

I have read a lot of the posts on material thickness and autofocus so I am sorry if I missed or don’t understand if this question is addressed there. I understand (from the posts I have read) that the [user] inputted material thickness setting does two things. 1. Focus point for laser beam; 2. Adjust the table camera view of the object to account for wide angle view. My question pertains to item 1. If autofocus is enabled and/or “Set focus” was selected, is the inputted material thickness ignored [as far a beam focus point goes]?

If you have chosen a thickness then choose ‘set focus’ it refocuses on the point where you choose the laser to hit the material. I almost always use this method anymore, seems much more accurate.

I do not input a material thickness unless I want to defocus the laser. The set focus tool removes the need for calipers and manually inputting thickness.


Set Focus does two things. It measures the material at the point you pick and arranges the image to be most accurate at that point.

If you do not use Set Focus It runs itself just before calculating the cut. If it picks a hole then It will be wrong. That is why it is best to run it yourself.


Here is the official discussion of Set Focus: Compact Filter, Set Focus, and Extreme Temperature Sensing: 4/29/19 Latest Improvements