Materials Requests

I was instructed to come here to make materials suggestions, so I hope that this is not out of bounds. I love the ease of using Proofgrade Materials. You drop the material in, put on your design, and pretty much just push a button from there. Easy, peasy and I love it. However, there are a lot of materials out there that are not Proofgrade, that I would love to see. There are a metric ton of them, of course, but there are two that I am especially interested in:

Rubber or semi-soft acrylic that can be used to make stamps
Glitter and/or marble and/or pearlescent acrylic sheets

The first one is pretty self explanatory. My business partner and I are artists and the ability to make custom stamps on the GF would be brilliant. I genuinely believe that this would be something that would be a heavily shopped addition to the materials, because it would allow makers to offer custom stamps to crafters, and would be easy to make. Two passes and there you go. It would also allow makers to offer large, and super complicated stamps. As someone that is both a maker and a paper crafter, I know that this would go over very well.

The second one is more of an artistic thing. While opaque and translucent are, of course, super useful for so much, having some interesting options like glitter or marble or pearlescent would allow artists to be even more creative in their endeavors.

I know that this is one person asking, but I do think that these would be useful. I know that I would be purchasing them in bulk!

Thank you very much for looking, even if these suggestions never come true.

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Try this link for acrylics.✓ I recommend the cast sheets.

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That’s actually where I have been getting the marble and glitter acrylics that I have been using. Great site and their stuff is nice, but I figured I would ask anyway because I have eaten several sheets trying to do the right cuts. Once set up, it’s good, but I love the ease of the Proofgrade.

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With respect to the clear stamp material, although Proofgrade is not available you can certainly buy it. Check out this post of mine from over a year ago:

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I’d love this acrylic, which is basically impossible to find in reasonable sizes for shipping:

And while wishing…


Thank you for the suggestions, everyone. I’ve passed them along to the product team with a link to this thread so they can read your input.