Materials supply for Canadians

I know Glowforge isnt shipping internationally yet but some Canadians have their machines ready. For those that don’t know where they are going to get materials I would take a good look at They off a ton of awesome materials.

An account is required but a quick look shows they are cheaper than proofgrade stuff for lots of things. (23.5"x11.75" - 1/8 walnut ply for $15 cad). They also do $15 flat rate shipping and free shipping above $300.

They also have a bunch of local locations (any trotec show room pretty much) in case you want to pick up.

Edit: I don’t know if their stock size will fit in a glowforge but I don’t have an issue running it through a table saw to get it to the needed dimensions personally.


Thanks for sharing!

That’s a tad too long, but a saw will remedy that and leave you with useful-sized off cuts.

good to know. a 4"x12" chunk will work just fine for a test pattern piece

Wanted to update this because I made my first order from them (in anticipation of my glowforge shipping… which glowforge seems to have decided to skip)

I made a few hundred dollar order today (free shipping over $300) and they were great to deal with. Had to call in with my credit card and they let me know it was all in stock and would ship out the next day. Then I got a call back later that day to check that my order was correct because it had a bunch of their really thin stock on it and not much thick stuff which is a common mistake they have happen. They also said they had were manually adjusting the order to account for some things to make it cheaper but I would end up with the same stuff.

now that is how you run a business. I will happily order all my materials from them.