Materials that are safe

Is it safe for me and my glowforge to engrave resin/epoxy?


Here are some previous discussions. The answer appears to be no.


According to other posts I have read in the forum, no. Resins are very different, so it would be important for you to get the MSDS of the kind you in intend to use.

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I would not, but on the flip side, you can epoxy something that you have Glowforged.


For more info on safety, check out #4:

I am not even sure I would trust the MSDS sheets because once you start burning anything I always consider it “all bets are off” Perhaps because I knew a kid that nearly died cleaning his fish tank, with an almost deadly combo of cleaning materials. or being around people that thought burning the PT wood leftovers from deck construction, was a fun idea. and this was back in the arsenic days of PT wood.

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MSDS/SDS sheets contain a section on what’s emitted when combusted :slightly_smiling_face:

oh ya. I know that. I used to have to keep track of them for our lab. I just always land on the extreme side of paranoia when stuff is burned.

Especially regarding epoxy resin products. I am never fully trusting of products sourced from overseas. and with the epoxy I have you can dump all sorts of pigments, etc. into it. and unless you are the one making what you are about to engrave, it would really suck to laser right into some really toxic addin to an epoxy/resin material. Then who cares how cool the effect of the add in is when you are faced with some serious condition from inhaling it.

when my Chemistry professor told us in lab, to taste something we were working with. I flat out refused. I was like "what makes you think that stockroom is completely secure and nobody mixed up and poured something back into the wrong container. Then years later, observing people in a lab screw up stuff and wipe out incubators of cell culture. Unable to mix part A and part B and a little water, to make the Xray film processor solutions correctly. my motto is don’t trust nobody with your health and well being. :slight_smile:

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