I am wondering if anyone has tried to cut fabric ( 100% cotton).?
I am looking to cut 100% hand dyed wools. Will it work ? Will it leave a burnt mark on my wool?
Is there anyone out there that has one that would be willing to try this for me I would supply the wool.

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@smcgathyfay has done some fabric work if memory serves but don’t know to what extent.


Canvas can certainly be cut, I see no reason why wool wouldn’t work equally as well … see here

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Ive done lots of fabric…100% cotton, twill, polyesters.
Never did wool specifically but it should cut just as well…only it may smell like burning hair…:grin:


Ive cut wool blends on my laser so straight wool should work if i had some id try it right now

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Here is a photo of some laser-engraved jeans.
These are not cut, but I see great possibilities with fabrics in the laser.