Max cut area randomly changing

I just got a replacement machine and I am testing some cuts to make sure this one is working,
but this feels like a software issue. It makes no sense to me.

Half of the time my cutting area is represented like below. You can see the gift of good measure that has been cut to the max edge in the lower right.

And then I open a different design and the cutting area looks like this, and I lose a half inch in available space.

Sometimes refreshing the page gives me my cutting area back, but then I select my material as medium draft board and I lose it again…

Anyone else getting this problem?

There are differences due to cut vs engrave, as well as the LPI settings for engraves. If the extra room is critical, try dropping the LPI or Speed settings.


Yep, its the speed. Guessing it wants more space for a ramp down past the edge when it’s going faster. I did not know this, Thanks for solve!

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Thanks @dwardio - you’re a rock star :slight_smile:

I’m closing this thread; please open a new one if you have a new question.