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Hi! I am a new Glowforge owner and I want to engrave a pair of wood handle tongues but it is exactly 2.5" tall. I thought I had read that the maximum thickness for engraving without the crumb tray was 2.5, but I am now reading 2.0". Is 2.5" definitely too tall? And do I need to put a layer on the bottom after removing the crumb tray, such as a piece of draftboard, or is it okay to keep it bare? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

The maximum height with the crumb tray is 2.0 inches. You can remove the crumb tray and engrave items taller than 2.0 inches, but you must put something underneath the piece to bring it to within the 2.0 inch range of the laser head.

No, the maximum with the tray is 0.5" and without is 2" (as the tray is generally close to 1.5" tall.)

It’s in the tech specs:


Yikes! You’re absolutely correct. Don’t know where my head is this morning. Thanks.

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As @eflyguy has said the max without the crumb tray is 2 inches. As to the second part of your question you can leave the bottom of the machine bare when using it without the crumb tray.

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But if it is thicker than 2.0 Inches you cannot do it.

There are actually ways to engrave something a little larger than 2”, by placing the item towards the front of the machine so the fan shroud doesn’t hit it. But it would require a lot of trial and error and is certainly an advanced project.


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