Maximum Thickness with Crumb Tray in Place

After a few weeks of orientating with 3 mm to 5 mm material, my daughter (who’s getting married in May), thinks the GF has just become her cash-saving cow. As a result, I have a project to make something out of 1/2" ply. Can I cut 1/2" ply without removing the crumb tray? What is the maximum thickness?

Clarification: Maximum thickness with crumb tray in place.

1/2" ply is going to be hit or miss on being cut… probably closer to a miss. You can work with up to .5" material with the crumbtray in place, but only rated for cutting 1/4" material. More can be cut but it really depends upon the material and its composition. It might be easier in the long run to just glue-up two 1/4" pieces of material.


I’m cutting 0.47 acrylic with no problem (2 passes cuts like butter on a basic !!!) how close to the 0.5 is it?

The actual thickness is 0.46 of birch plywood.

If it were me I would cut 2 layers of 1/4” like @jbmanning5 suggested. You can cut registration holes for dowels/pegs to keep everything dead aligned. If you place the dowels properly and with really tight tolerances, you can sandwich the glue between the layers and probably not even bother clamping.

(I’d still clamp.)

Your edge quality will be better that way, as well.

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Short of the dowel-registration pins, I went the 2-layer route. (Gotta add that). Thanks much to all. Once I get this “I have to have this yesterday” project off my plate then maybe I can work with the 1/2" material to gain more experience.


Thanks for the help everyone. @rmelvin06, I’m going to close this post. Please create a new post if you need anything else. Good luck!