May the Fourth be with you!


The recent Tie Fighter ornaments reminded me to print this up for tomorrow…

1/8" Proofgrade acrylic. Base is non-PG bronze acrylic.

Modified from Thingiverse:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 6th, 2017

I am so ashamed that my nerd side was not looking forward to this for the last month…



My wife is due tomorrow and we were joking around that if the baby comes on May the 4th should we name the baby Luke, Han, Chewbacca?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My wife nixed all of those ideas but my nerdy side says yes!!

Oh, and that is absolutely a beautiful piece of work!! I love it!


I’d go with Benjamin (“Ben”) but don’t tell her why. Then when it’s too late to change it, start calling him Obi-Wan.


Liked, but especially for the thread title :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Soooooo sexy…thank you !


So awesome it makes me want to curse out loud!


And on this day all code shall be written in…


How does Luke Skywalker get through the forest?

Ewoks -> “he walks”



Babies often have nicknames…little Chewy could be appropriate…nerds would know and give you the nod but non nerds might just think he/she likes to chew things…lol


What’s a tauntaun’s body temp?

Luke warm


Holy cow, that is awesome!!


So are we celebrating the birth of Baby Lando today?* I mean, being born on Cinco de Mayo isn’t bad, but it’s got nothing on May the Fourth!

*Of course if Baby Lando was born today, we may not hear from you for a couple of years.