Measurements Not Acurate

Trying to cut a 10.9 inch circle on a 12 inch board, GF is only measuring the board as 10.5…see attached and please advise. Thanks in advance.

Have cut this same size circle at least a dozen times…???

Try reducing the speed of the cut a little.


Isn’t this the same problem that you posted here: Fisherman's ruler?

Move the board down and to the right, orienting it within the bounding box file you used before.


Not sure how you think the GF is “measuring the board” but it provides no such capability. The lid camera is for approximate placement of artwork, to within 1/4".

A 10.9" circle will print just fine with the upper left at 0.05,0.05 or centered at 5.5,5.5".


It is the same…sometimes it works no problem others I get the miss measure. Thanks again, appreciate it.


The measure reference is that the board is 12 inches but GF is only showing it as 10.5…so it is not measured/pictured correctly. If you have some constructive help it will be appreciated.

The Glowforge camera shows the usable area of the bed - not the whole bed. The top of the board is not pictured because it is outside the usable area. Look at the printhead in the home position. The Glowforge cannot print behind that point. There will always be a margin at the top of a 12 x 20 board that will not be available until you make a cut and then rotate the board.

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thank you, so how do I cut a 10.9 circle on a 12*12 board. Pardon my ignorance just a weekend hobbiest…thanks in advance.

Please refer back to your previous post and the answers given there.

Orient your wood relative to the lower right front corner of the honeycomb tray. Use the bounding box file to outline the available area and make sure your wood is inside that space. Place the circle.

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Thank you very much! Why is there an inconsistency in that some times it cuts it out no problem (or bounding box) and sometimes it seems to be ‘short’?

In my experience, the Glowforge is totally consistent. What changes is where I place the wood and where I place the file. If your file includes engraved areas, the usable area of the bed changes, but not if you are only doing cuts.

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Fair enough, thanks again for the direction, it is appreciated.

I did, in my post 6hrs ago. Center a 10.9" circle at 5.5,5.5 and it will cut just fine, every time. Sorry if that is too cryptic for you.


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