Medium Draft now cutting three passes

I’ve been using Medium Draftboard (Proofgrade) and today it started cutting three passes instead of one. The first pass cuts the wood, then the second and third try to light it on fire - flames (which blow out), lots of charring, etc. This has happened on two different cuts. Is anyone seeing this, or is this unique to me?

When I switch from proofgrade to manual cut, the settings say “1 pass”.

I don’t think it’s anything in my file, as it’s the same workflow I’ve used before (illustrator ‘save as’ SVG, load into GFUI, print). But if there’s any way that GF can look into it, to see if I missed something, that would be great.


It’s possible that you actually have multiple copies of the cutlines in the file. (Particularly if you used an auto-trace program on unfilled shapes.) That’s going to make a couple of passes in the same spot when you run the file, even if you just have it set to one pass. There can be actually two lines in the file itself.

If you want to post the file someone can take a look at it and check for it.


Sure, happy to share.wallet-mag.

You might need to ZIP it, because all I see is a black shape without variations.

Duplicated cuts…

here it is in outline mode:


Dang! I don’t even have time to check the file! You guys are quick! ROFL! :smile:
(I like this gig!)


I don’t know exactly how you’re setting the file up in the UI, but you can see the 2nd object from the bottom in the screenshot above - the compound path. That’s a very narrow compound path - like a stroke that has been expanded, or something. If you’re setting that as your cut layer, you have 2 cuts occurring .07" from each other.


Got it, thanks. Looks like Illustrator applied a stroke width by creating new strokes offset from the original.

Not sure why it rendered in the forum as a solid black shape. Looks like it filled the outline for some reason. Looks fine in Illustrator and in GFUI.

Thanks, guys!


If you do an Expand in Illustrator and there isn’t a higher level thing to be expanded, it will outline the stroke as if you had done the Outline Stroke command. At least, that has been my experience with the older version (CS5) of Illustrator that I have.

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Ah, that’s it! I did ‘outline stroke’. Thanks!

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Thanks for all your help, @cynd11 and @jbmanning5!

@laird, is the design printing as expected now?

Yes, all good!

Also, noticed that I can now drag files into the ‘home’ page upload them, which saves a few clicks! Thanks!

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That’s great to hear! And you’re welcome!