Medium Plywood w/Aura

Hello -

I am brand new to this so please forgive if this is a dumb question. I recently bought an Aura and am attempting a project using Proofgrade Medium Cherry Plywood. I get a message that “Cherry Plywood, 1/8” Proofgrade is not currently compatible with this printer”. I saw recently where the settings for Thick Plywood was added and have been able to complete a project using Thick Plywood on my Aura. But would really like to use the Medium. I even tried to manually select the material (thinking that might help) and it doesn’t even come up for me to select - I type in Plywood and can select Thin or Thick but no Medium.

Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance!

Light is the same-ish thickness as Medium but cuts much better and generally works better. Medium is much harder and messier to cut.

Thank you! I am trying the same project using some Proofgrade Thin that I have. I am super brand new to this whole world so am trying out stuff. I appreciate your guidance and the guidance that I have read in the community since I started. Today was my first question! :grin:


There is no such thing as “Proofgrade Thin”, just light, medium and thick.

Super helpful. Thank you!

All the Medium PG plywood has an MDF interior vs actual wood. MDF can fill a filter to full in just a few hours, more than anything else you can cut by far.


Wow! That is awesome to know! I think I will switch to the Light one! Grateful for your reply! Thank you!


New to Aura, but can you enter manual settings?

If so, the thickness is generally .21" and drop the power.


It seems there are still several materials that are either not compatible with the Aura or have just not been listed with automatic settings. I’m sure they will continue adding more as time passes.


Hi @brcdonald welcome to the Glowforge community and world! Excited that you have an Aura!

We’re constantly adding new Proofgrade settings for the Aura, and we’ll keep on updating them as we continue to add more. We’ll always update on our Latest Improvements page (which it looks like you already are in the know of): Latest Improvements


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