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I need to engrave and score our mascot, a Tornado, on plywood and its not coming out clear and I think its the setting but I’m not sure what to change. I use Medium Plywood, HD graphic and had speed set on 450. ! Any help would be appreciated!

vector tor|290x381

It can also be the Plywood. once you are through that first layer, the next layer will be different.

Photos would help us to understand what’s happening.

When you say “medium plywood,” do you mean PG material? Which one?

I chose Medium Basswood Plywood

Can you upload a screenshot of the image on the left side of the UI, showing what settings were selected? Like this:

not sure what’s happening there… air assist not working… putting too much power to the material… but whether it’s a hardware issue or settings issue we need more info. :slight_smile:

Those aren’t the PG settings for basswood, but they certainly shouldn’t have burned it that badly. Is that PG medium basswood that you’re using? Did it burn like that even with the masking on?

Definitely check to make sure your lens isn’t in upside-down. If it’s not that, and you’re getting that much burn on PG material with the power set at 15 (instead of 51, which is the PG setting), you probably need to wait for Support to chime in. :frowning:


No its just regular plywood but I thought the settings might work. I didn’t think I would need to mask it. I looked at the lens and it looks good.

Thanks for your help!

You can try the SD Graphic (Standard Definition) settings for the engrave. HD (High Definition) is going to make more passes at the wood and burn a lot deeper. That is charring the dickens out of the wood.

I never engrave wood at a speed below 1000. I would have started with 1000/60 and probably would have got the result I wanted with that.

I’m going to move this over to Beyond the Manual since Support can’t weigh in on non-PG materials, and we can “legally” talk about specific settings over there. :slight_smile:

Also: Here’s a great way to dial in the exact settings you need for a particular material:

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