Meeples for my Peoples



As part of a gaming birthday party my husband and I designed a variety of different meeples (game pieces to represent you for scoring or other tasks during a game). We were tired of the standard people shaped meeples and wanted some that are more fun and with our names on it, because seriously, sometimes it is hard to remember what color you are playing in a game if you play lots of different games. Making a few as favors quickly expanded into making family sets for friends. Some are sets where each person has a full set of meeples, one of each color. Each characters is assigned a color so you don’t overlap. And some sets allow each family member to have their own color and and can choose which character they feel most like playing that game. These sets are also helpful for games where you control more than one meeple. Now any game can turn into an epic pirates vs ninjas battle!


Totally clever! :grinning:


I love this! My husband and I have talked about doing something similar. This is great inspiration :blush:


Great. I’d be interested to know what you used to colour them and what technique you used?


What an adorable set of game pieces! It’s a genius idea. My favorites are the wizard and the pirate.


Adorable idea! I dare not let my 4 year old grandson see the pirate!


@glen I used wide art markers based on the suggestion in this post. Masked Art Toy For the ones where I painted the engraving I used metallic paints while still masked.


So cool! Thanks for the shout out.