Meet Ig0R - The Deconstruction of a Glowforge Filter

Every Monster needs a sidekick . . .



My brain immediately snapped to

Thank you, heavenly father.

Not my picture

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anyone catching on yet?

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Okay, so it’s a diy filter, yes?


close. . It’s a DYI - REPACK of the glowforge filter for like 1 / 10th the cost
a step by step how to do it.

I am adding iG0r to my frakenforge so its completely self contained.
since I am producing glass dust, and no real wood / acrylic smoke, I think
a external filter will be a winner…

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Are you also planning to “vacuum out all the rocks”? :upside_down_face:

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actually – scoop / weight / bury in garden…

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I’d be curious where you’re sourcing activated charcoal filter media for that price point. From what I understand the filter uses quite a lot of that, replacing the media for 1/10th the cost ($25) would seem like a stretch, not to mention the other filter components.


To be clear, those pictures are from This happened to my Air Filter

yup “not my pictures”


Is that the same as activated charcoal?

I use something similar as a pre-filter when I use my filter.

Says it is
Gotta believe amazon

I’m confused - that carbon pad isn’t remotely the same as pile of carbon chunks. (being mostly polyester webbing with some carbon dust sprinkled in)

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I won’t know till I have it installed and I do smoke tests.
its all theory and speculation at this point, why I am “not starting” this thread till TOMORROW :slight_smile:

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I have THIS as an alternative source.

i am experimenting and reporting
still MUCH cheaper then a replacement cart!


That is more like what I was expecting.

Or this: