Melted Inner Lens

Hey Glowforge community, my name is Ty, I am a small business owner and hit a wall with my business’s Glowforge last month.

We’ve been out of commission for the last month. It seems as if the laser lens was put into the small black box wrong and melted. Glowforge doesn’t sell parts, so we’d have to buy a new machine (spoke with a Glowforge team member). At this time it’s not in our budget as we just bought this machine. Do you think this is something we can sell for parts to get some of our money back. Any ideas on what we can do? Our machine is just taking space in the office.

Per your other post, Glowforge sells parts. Glowforge replaces entire printheads. I suspect someone from Support will be along soon to address your issue.


Understandable. I emailed them and that wasn’t an option. Maybe there’s some clarity I can get.

Glowforge chat is live now. I suggest you hop on.

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Great news!

  • We have developed the ability to replace the print head
  • We have printer heads in stock

I see you already emailed us about this, so I’m going to close this topic and follow up with you there to sort out the details.