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You guys !!!
My husband and I are desperately looking for someone in the Memphis ,Tn and surrounding area to help us with our glowforge .Like literally someone that will come to help us .
We are getting a yellow error light and message that says something is going on with the camera when it’s trying to calibrate.
My husband thinks that it’s this ribbon .
We literally just got this machine .

First, since it is a new machine, you have a warranty and the company will replace it. You will need to email support to initiate that procedure.
Second, it is the ribbon cable on the glass lid the camera connects to that would be the problem if it is a cable. The cable you picture has been known to fail in a few cases, but only after extended use (years).
So you have been able to print before?

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There are no Glowforge certified techs making house calls.

If your machine is under warranty, Glowforge will replace it. If your machine is out of warranty, they will work with you to resolve the problem. I assume you have already emailed support.

The cable does not look new. When you say you just got this machine, did you buy it from Glowforge recently?


Looks like we need to start that processes ,ribbon replaced still no luck .

Dang. I understand the disappointment. I’m waiting on my machine to die of natural causes after 5 years. I did have to replace that black lid cable.

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