Mermaid earrings!


TaDaaaa! I had an idea for a thing, I worked on the thing (lots of trial and error) and I (eventually) made the thing a reality! I love them (and my super awesome glowforge)!!
Happy spring everyone!


Very cute!


That’s cute enough to pierce your ears over! :smile:


Ohmygosh, that’s amazing! I guess acrylic doesn’t irritate ears? Never tried it so I have no idea.


It doesn’t irritate mine…and I’m going to guess that those with metal allergies probably won’t have a problem with them either!


Awesome concept!! Never thought of sticking acrylic spears through my ears!! Brilliant!!


What program did you use to design the cut and engrave lines. I’ve used a couple art programs and all I can get my glow forge to do is engrave unless I print out my design then let the glow forge trace mode it then I can designate cut lines. What could I be doing wrong?


If you want to create cut lines in outside programs, you will need to use Vector Drawing software to create the cutting lines. (Illustrator, Inkscape - which is free, CorelDraw or Affinity Designer.)

Programs like Photoshop and GIMP are raster based programs, so all they can create (generally) is engraveable results.

There’s a tutorial here that explains the differences to help folks get going quickly with designing for a laser.


I love the way you attached them, so clever!


wow did you have to drill the sides for the trident?


Thanks @Jules for answering Area6285 :slight_smile:
@area6285 I use Make the Cut. I doubt many other folks in here are using that software, but I got it with my vinyl cutter years ago and I already knew how to use it.
@Dia, I did.


The quote is totally awesome. So are the earrings!