Mermaid Puzzle

Today I Made:

Here’s a link to more info:


Beautiful and really cool hybrid of the escher fractal and an original design, @vettha!



Thanks for posting your work. I just love tiling designs. Never thought too much about it until I read Neal Stephenson’s Anathem. He is my number one favorite current writer, just squeaking in after William Gibson. Stephenson is another reason that Seattle is just way cooler than any other place in the US.

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I keep poking people with Anathem, but not everyone gets mathematical monasticism as a possible utopia.

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Also, thanks guys!

I’ve literally bumped into Neal on an airplane at SeaTac. Both of us were returning from a visit to relatives in the midwest for thanksgiving. We had a wonderful conversation that consisted primarily of me sputtering and Neal looking uncomfortable until the plane deboarded.

But this happened!


I haven’t read anathema yet, but snow crash is one of my favorite books, especially the postulation of the programmability of the human brain. The concept of accessing lower level neural functionality through visual stimuli to essentially change the firmware of ones mind was an awesome concept to a teenage neuro-science geek.

I’ll have to pick up a copy of anathema now! I’m pretty jealous @dan. I would have loved to have been able to pick his brain for a while.

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Anathem is easily my favorite novel of this century so far (REAMDE is a close 2nd.)

Stephenson can just steal your imagine and your breath away.

Also, wonderful puzzle project, @vettha!

“relatives in the midwest for Thanksgiving”: ha! That’s how REAMDE starts out! And @dan, as far as I’m concerned, you are up there in my pantheon of personal heros along with Neal.

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OK, you guys have piqued my curiosity and I just ordered a copy of Anathem…

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I did the same last night! Hardcovers for $2 on amazon…

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Ahem. If you’d care to join me over here

Aw, thanks @marmak3261! I’ll do what I can to stay there. :wink:

Neal was supposed to drop by the office for lunch once. If it ever gets rescheduled I’ll be sure to grab a picture.


New version. :slight_smile:


Wow! Love the doors too!

Thank you! I need to figure out a sealant that will preserve my sparkles AND my more matte areas… (Ideas welcome.)

And John says the hinges are awful: too… cloth. But I’m okay with them so far. I like that the doors can fold back and interlock under the puzzle…

… I can stop making whenever I want to.


She’s my new favorite. :slight_smile: