Merry Christmas 2022

Two years ago @geek2nurse gifted us a marvelous tree ornament that perfectly captured the core of 2020 (and followed up in 2021 with another). Here are the links: Merry Christmas 2020,

In the same vein, here is my contribution. The same guidelines apply – “I am overriding the forum restrictions on use for this one, because it’s been a tough year and a lot of people out there are struggling right now, and maybe some of you who need it can make a little income off it. Or donate the income to someone who needs it more. So have at it: Don’t sell the file, but feel free to give it away, and feel free to sell what you make with it. Merry Christmas!”

But wait; there’s more. Let’s keep this going! I think this should be a yearly event – there are a lot of very creative folks on this forum and I challenge you to create (and gift) an ornament next year that succinctly portrays what summarizes 2023!

SVG (Right click and “save as”):
2022 Ornament, Posting

2022 Ornament, Posting.pdf (261.2 KB)


Thanks for the holiday file.


Very kind of you, thanks for the share. I’ll keep a 2023 ornament in mind; though, I have to admit, thinking about 2023 being just around the corner is starting to give me anxiety. It’s like a movie or book where you’re telling the main character “you’ll regret saying ‘can’t get any worse’,” and then the universe is taking up the challenge and telling us to hold its beer. :rofl: :rofl:

I’m hoping for something interesting in the coming year to put on an ornament, like if they said “first manned mission to Mars.” Or, let’s colonize the moon! Unicorns discovered to be real and living in the heart of the arctic tundra. Or even better, scientists find super food that’s cheap, tastes good, fills you up, and burns calories like you just ran a marathon…Right now I’m just trying to pysch myself up for a better year to come :rofl: :rofl:


Scotland. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t be surprised.


Thanks for the share!


Very generous of you, thanks!


Thank you!


Thanks for the share and I’ll look forward to a very positive ornament for 2023!!!

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Nice work! Now you’ve got the gears spinning in everyones head for thoughts on what to make for next year!