Merry Christmas 2023

Three years ago @geek2nurse gifted us a marvelous tree ornament that perfectly captured the core of 2020 (and followed up in 2021 with another).
In the same vein, last year I came up with an ornament that captured (I thought) the essence of 2022 – and threw down the gauntlet for this year’s ornament. There are a lot of very creative folks on this forum and I challenge you to create (and gift) an ornament that succinctly portrays what summarizes 2023! In the words of someone who has touched, in one way or another, each of our lives, “C’mon, man!”

Here are the links: Merry Christmas 2020 ,




I’m trying to think of nice things, but i feel like 2023’s current events ornament is going to look alot like 2022, except the twitter bird will be an “x”


How about renewable energy finally really going commercial (1st yr it exceeded coal in terms of power production in the US), 1st southern hemisphere World Pride Day was held in Australia, US CO2 emissions are the lowest in 30 yrs, inflation is a third of its peak, Warner Bros (yay Bugs!) & Disney turned 100, AI is being put to widespread useful tasks, it rained in California, the Endangered Species act turned 50 and so far we’ve save almost 300 species while 80 on the endangered list are on a recovery trajectory, the 1st samples from an asteroid were returned to earth with the Osiris-Rex mission (although they can’t get the container open), Ukraine has not been defeated, Super Mario Brothers got a movie, the UK got a new king, Maui survived to rebuild, COVID-19 is no longer a death sentence, the US banking crisis did not crash the economy like 2007/2008, Barbie with Downs Syndrome was released (lots of little girls found a friend like them)…and we’re not finished yet!


I’m glad alot of nice things happened! I’m always pleased when i see a story about a thought to be extinct animal has been rediscovered.

I was too busy with the move to pay attention to anything that the news didn’t consider “big.” All of that stuff is major news for sure and perfect for an ornament, though positive and negative. Like a new king means the queen passed away.

But i guess my brained has only been tuned to current headlines so i easily forgot about anything else.


Recency bias.

But there’s also a bit of human nature at play - we tend to focus more on the negative and less on the positive. I suppose it’s a survival trait - negative things often are bad for us so being aware of them increases the likelihood we’ll avoid some of those things I the future and live longer.


True, though recently I’ve found myself scrolling past the headlines to the smaller articles, which are sometimes more pleasant.

Also, because i like to read about new releases in drones and action cameras, my news feed algorithm has been significantly altered to only showing me tech reviews. It’s only when i go searching for the news through the only outlets i know that I’m bombarded with headlines.


Or the same bird, except with an X for the eye! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An X, a court, and a monarch butterfly?



We were surprised coming to the new house - right in the middle of the monarch migration. Piles of butterflies flirting about. Pretty cool.


Especially as a few short years ago there were almost none in some areas. Entire colonies went extinct.


At least for California we need a gas :fuelpump:

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I was asked to make a thematic ornament, and since Covid has come roaring back I went with Covid19, the Supreme Court, and Monarch Butterflies.

From a distance it’s snowflake like :slight_smile: