Metal ribbon award

I’m working on creating awards for a gingerbread house competition. Do you think I could engrave on the back of these?

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The GF or any co2 laser with low wattage cannot engrave metal. You can however use various products to allow the machine to mark metal. Search under metal marking and you will probably find info on that. Cermark is one such product but it is very expensive. Their are other cheap products that work on some metals. Good luck.


Another option is to find disks of the size you want made from anodized aluminum. Those engrave great. But then I guess you would have to find/make/have the ribbon part to attach to them.


Those look like they may be lacquered - meaning
A) if you go the marking spray route described by @beerfaced thst you may need to remove the lacquer for the marking spray to bond properly.
B) you might be able to engrave off enough lacquer layer to make a readable mark but only testing will tell.


for a related one:
one of the reviews says cermark didn’t work, so I suspect they are coated with lacquer or something


Thank you all! Looks like a good ole sharpie will be what I use for the back. I’ll plan better in the future. I appreciate each of you!


Here is my recent experience with cermark and medals:

Cliffs notes version: it failed.

I ended up printing the text on clear sticker paper and using a rotary trimmer to cut it into little rectangles. It actually looked really nice.


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