Metal Shaving coming out of the Printer Head Lens and a small ding on the Lens

When will the lens be available? My lens has a a ding in it and the outside casing has metal shavings coming off near the lens. If you cannot help where can I go to get one? I have been checking everyday for the last couple weeks and you still don’t have it in stock. It’s going to completely break soon. I keep finding the metal shavings in the bed. Please help!

Since you have opened a ticket here you might want to post photos f the problem, I certainly would stop using the machine until you get the problems resolved. There would not be much use of a new lens if that one gets damaged also.



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Are you sure that metal is coming from the lens? Can you see where it’s scraping off?

Also, I definitely agree to hold back on using your machine til you hear back from support.

Yes, I can see where it came off. Look at the picture I posted of the lens. Zoom in so you can see it better. Only that 1 piece came off. Its on the inside.

Hi there - I am so sorry to see you are running into trouble with your printer head lens, thanks for letting us know. We would be happy to help. Since this may involve your personal account moving forward, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to close this topic.