How can I engrave on flasks and how do you separate pictures so I only do the ones I want

The search function will be your very best bet as you learn to use the Glowforge and this forum. Here are some posts to get you started:

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Search the forums for “engrave metal”. You’ll find tons of advice!

The short version:

  • You can’t actually engrave metal, you either:
    • engrave off the coating on metal (like anodized aluminum)
    • or you use a product like enduramark, which lets you make marks on metal.

As for “separating pictures” - you’ll need to be a little more specific. Not sure what you mean.

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Where can I find that as for picture just to get the picture I want not the other stuff like names label

You will need to share the pictures or an example of what you are trying to separate in order for us to help you.

Have you completed the Glowforge tutorials?

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You need to use some kind of design software.

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Inkscape is free and very capable. If you want to get the full benefit of your ideas and your laser, the time you spend learning design software will pay you back in spades. You can ask here, or search YouTube for how to use the tools of the software. It’s really not that difficult.


This image is not likely to be a particularly easy image to start from.

Is your goal to make something kind of like this, but with your own text?

I might start looking for a better starting image.
I searched for “freemason symbol” on Google, clicked images, clicked Tools, clicked “Usage rights” and changed to “Creative commons” (which tries to find things that are free to use).
And found this one:

It’s not perfect, but it might be easier to start from.

Maybe keep looking fo something that suits you.

Ultimately you will want to get comfortable with some design software, because messing around with someone else’s images is always frustrating.

Good luck!

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Yeah I would absolutely just try making that from scratch. No way to pull a clean image out of that photo. Good clip art find, now OP just needs to learn to do text on a path.


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