MFNY Table sign done

Got the maker faire NYC Table sign done for our booth. It’s :proofgrade: clear engraved on the back surface (well the front surface of the sheet but done in reverse, since putting it on the back makes the lighting stand out more, so just reflected the design in AI). I used the base recommended by @kittski here. BTW that is a reflection off my laptop screen showing in the top left corner of the sign (it’s forward since it is a reflection of the back)


I like the stencil font – nice homage to M*A*S*H! :sunglasses:


Yep! Looks fantastic! :grinning:


I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you at MFNY. I predict your doctor colleagues are going to be all over the laser stuff. Better have your referral code ready!


haha. I actually took the * out before engraving as it didn’t look as good as I imagined it would…


I get that, actually. The splats are aligned at the top of the lettering, while the MASH logo had them vertically centered.

I’ll stop at your table!

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As will I. My oldest has officially declared that we’ll be going on the 23rd since that’s the day she request off of work. :slight_smile: So, the whole family will be there to see all things makey. 2.5 hours each way. It’s gonna be quite a long day. But hopefully a fun one!


Awesome! You’re going to have a blast at Maker Faire, and everyone is going to get a kick out of this sign.

And someday I will understand the “UI” for this base. I’m confused and it’s only got one button… for gods sake I am a programmer and a doctor and being confused by a single button light…


The Macintosh had only one mouse button originally. Then they came to their senses.


Is that done on 1/4"?

:proofgrade: clear acrylic (so 1/8")

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Nice job of getting it to fit that fat slot.:+1:
They have :proofgrade: 1/4 also.

Right?!? One-button things are confusing as hell. My GoPro and my bluetooth earphones, to mention a couple… sigh

Of course, then there are the multi-button multi-remotes for making the TV do stuff. I pretty much just don’t watch TV any more; by the time I figure out which button to push on which remote, I’ve lost the urge.

Kinda makes me ashamed to admit I actually have an engineering degree… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha. Just realized the forum tricked me into resurrecting an old post. That was kind of a one-button thing, too!