Micro 3d Printer


Has anyone purchased and used this? I really really want one, but I’ve never 3d printed before, and I’m kind of wary of one so cheap (or affordable) it’s more than big enough to print the switches I’d like to make for my truck…

switch. mine are always breaking.


Ive been looking at the same machine…will be following this post.


I’ve got an itchy finger when I decide that I want things :slight_smile: Cough Cough Glowforge (I ordered the day I learned about it.) So I’m almost hoping somebody talks me out of it. or not :wink:
This one I’ve known of for a while now, but I just got a $100 off coupon (a wise man once called it saving so much money we go broke…)


I don’t know anyone who has one, but from what I’ve read, its alright. The biggest draw back is the print speed is really slow. The print quality isn’t the best, but you won’t get much better at that price point.

Here is Make’s review on it http://makezine.com/product-review/m3d-micro/ .
I find Make usually is a pretty good source on this stuff. There recommendations a few years back made me decide on the Ultimaker, and I haven’t regretted that decision.

Here is there guide on 3D printers: http://makezine.com/comparison/3dprinters/. At that price point, I would say you would have a better bet with a Printrbot.


I have no experience with it. One thing that really bothers me is that all the pictures on that page are 3d rendered objects instead of things that it actually printed. Are they that self-conscious about the output of their printer that theyd rather use CGI?


I didn’t actually notice that until you said it, good eye


Haven’t seen it in action, but my knee-jerk response would say that it might be better to pay a little bit more for potentially much better quality prints.

3D Hubs, an online community-based printing service, has yearly ratings on 3D printers with a whole slew of user-reviews which I’ve found to be amazingly helpful:

As for the printrbots @joe mentioned, I’ve used one before! Surprisingly good print quality with a very short print time. I would definitely recommend it.


gotcha, maybe I will hold off until the finances are a little more under control again (i.e. never lol) and get a slightly nicer one. or continue on with my plans to convert a mig welder into an aluminum printer


such a good resource, thanks! I think that effectively killed my desire to purchase the micro 3d. phew! my wallet thanks you! (until I start to eye one of those resin printers… ooh…)


oh wow… never would have seen that coming. I wonder how much gas that uses up… must be a lot!

When I got my first job doing computer repair I used to try to make 3d things out of solder when it was slow in the shop. These guys are taking it to the next level!


I actually had this invention thought up independently two weeks ago, then I thought to myself… wait a second. somebody has already done this surely. a google search later - “lo and behold”! :wink:


Glad I could help!! Oh man, those resin printers though…:heart_eyes:


oh, believe me I know
Imma have to refer to one of my earlier posts though… [quote=“dhanvinddvs, post:21, topic:1701”]
my wallet has been threatening me with committing seppuku so I cannot spend anymore :wink:
edit: The threats have become quite serious


Ive been following the carbon3d and SLS printing progress for a while now. I cant wait to get my hands on one of those techs


I feel like I just went through 3d printer desire detox. remission to be encountered in due time.
thank you Glowforgers Anonymous!


hahaha wallet seppuku- love it. I’ve seen a Form2 in action, and man- the costs might be crazy but it would totally be money well spent. If you’re only needing an occasional print, I’d recommend 3D Hubs again! The way it works is you upload your stl. file and give them your address, and they find “hubs” near you and how much it would cost at each hub. You can even limit your search by print material, quality, etc.

@takitus oh man, yes 100%. SLS printing is so insanely cool!


I just found this site the other day (3dhubs), and it turns out there are quite a number of people around me who offer this service. One right up the street. Its pretty sweet! Ive found their prices are about the same as shapeways.

and if you guys havent seen this TED talk on carbon3d you should check it out! Its so badass


It’s a great site!! I found a guy near me with pretty decent rates in the lower range and his print quality has been consistently amazing.

Oooooh…love me some TED talks.


There was also the gizmo3dprinters.com.au and another group called morpheus3d… both of them anticipated/promised to deliver liquid resin 3d printers like the carbon3d, but talked big and then didn’t deliver.

The gizmo i had been courting back and forth for months as they claimed to develop it, then it was excuse after excuse after excuse… then the guy just said it’s not going to be possible to get me one with the specs that were originally guaranteed, in terms of size.

The morpheus seemed a little bit more legit until they were going to show me a test print of an object i wanted to use it to make, then it was delay and excuses. When i finally got 2 pictures from almost the same view. When i asked for more views, they would get back to me… and never got back to me. I zoomed in on the pictures they did give me, and there’s a tear or a hole on the back side i think they tried to conceal. About this same time thier website changed to say that even though they had funded thier kickstarter, they were still selling additional units with a 2 month turnaround time and after doing a direct money transfer or non refundable money order type thing to south korea…
So that got shady fast.


aw man, sorry they got your hopes up for nothing!