Micro-model falcon


One of my friends has been asking me to make him a golf marker. Apparently the general requirements around that are to have something round and about the size of a large coin or the ball that you can place on the ground instead of the ball itself. I liked the idea of a tiny spaceship and I had some 1/4" Corian scraps that would provide some material for it, so I started looking for suitable pictures to use on the web. Once I found one and converted it into vector (not actually a requirement since I was only going to etch it, but for future use it’s good to have one that scales) I was almost ready to go. First I had to do some testing to see if I could actually cut through it and luckily those went well.

It’s only 2 inches long so seems about the right scale. Fun to see all the little etching lines so detailed.

I gave it a quick covering with black sharpie on the top and wiped it down with an alcohol swab to bring out the details a bit more.

Hopefully he’ll be pleased and it will work well for his intended use :slight_smile:

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Not enough likes for this one! Awesome!


It never ceases to amaze me how much detail can be packed into such a small space with laser etching. Wow. Just amazing.


THAT is amazing! very cool. Was it vector or raster engraved? and can i ask how long it took?


That is so cool. The black marker makes all the difference in the world. Where did you find your corian?


I think my kids might like some like that to improve their game. And they don’t golf.


I know we can’t ask what settings you used, but I’m glad to know it can be done! Awesome little falcon! :smiley:


Okay, the one heart limit just does not work in this case! Absolutely love it!


I’m with everyone else. All the likes for this today!

I’d almost (but only almost) consider golfing again just to use this :slight_smile:


I love all the fine detail at that scale. The black Sharpie/alcohol wipe was a great touch. Thanks for sharing!


Cool use of Corian. 1/4" wow! That’s pretty good. I only have 1/2". I’ve been wanting to get some 1/4 for a lithophane test.

Makes me think of acetyl. That would work pretty well for a marker, shape well and be durable. And also thin.


i think you probably mean acetal / delrin, yes?


Yes. Amazing what autocorrect comes up with. Thanks.


Looks like a business opportunity, people will ask for custom markers for sure!


I want to just grab it up and go running the halls making space ship noises, but that woudlnt’ be good for marking anything but me coming,


I love the design and the idea but as an occasional golfer it’s occurred to me that that would be quite distracting.
As a result, I went looking for what the rules state about ball markers. This article discusses just and it turns out there are no actual rules on what you can use, only suggestions. Though, for my preference, I like something smaller and barely noticeable.


cool thing is, I best, with just a little tweaking you could get the design all the way down to button size (.5" or so), cut onto some 1/8 or 1/16 material, could make an excellent ball marker. I’d put in in my bag at least :smile:


Fantastic job!! (And for all we know… in a galaxy far, far way - it may actually be life size! (Bet 'cha never thought about that - little ant Darth Vader) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! That’s great. Love the sharpie trick


Hahaha All I can hear is “Luke, I am your father” in a small mousy voice…lol