Micro SD Card Wallet

Here’s a simple design I whipped up to scratch an itch. I have a couple of drones I like to fly that require SD cards, and some cameras. I thought it’d be nice to have a little wallet to carry them in. I made two, one for empties and one for fulls.

Here’s the design:

SD Card Wallet.pdf (341.1 KB)

And here’s the end product:

I machine stitched it, but the design has stitch holes that can be cut if you prefer. (I engraved them so I could see where I wanted to stitch, or you can set them to ignored easily enough. I did not include the hole for the button snap. So if you want that, you either need to add it yourself, or use a hole punch.

Fun fact: I worked for a tech startup from 1999-2003ish, and back then, we bought a terabyte disk array to store everything for all our employees. That disk array cost us $30,000, and was the size of a refrigerator.

In this photo, each of those SD cards is 256GB… so I can now carry that same terabyte of disk space in my pocket, and it cost about $100.


Very nice practical cut. Thank you.


I like that…I’ve got about a bajillion of those things floating around in the desk. :smile:


Great idea and share!


Thank you! Very nice.


This is great! I have several SD cards sitting in a couple drawers. It would be nice to have them all together. Thanks for the share!


Things have certainly come a long way…


I used to have a disc from (I think) a 1MB stack for a Vax mainframe. Left it behind when I moved here, now wish I still had it to make a clock from.


They certainly have. I remember learning IBM Keypunch in high school, and when I graduated, I was asked to work at the School District Office. After I started there, the guy in charge of the computer room asked me to work back there. I told him no, I didn’t want to have to wear a heavy sweater all day every day. The computer looked like the one on the movie WarGames - it was 20ft long, 4ft high, and the room was kept around 60 degrees. It’s amazing how quickly technology is still changing. I certainly didn’t know SD micro cards came in 1TB! Guess cause I haven’t looked lately.


Back in 1984 I had an Apple 10mb hard drive that was the size of a standard 2 drawer file cabinet laying in its side.

When I got a PC-XT I was gobsmacked with the size difference.

Now I just expect to have terabytes available in ever decreasing form factors. But Micro-SDs of that size are too small for practicality for what I do. I’d either never find what I was looking for or it’s too many files on a single easy to lose repository.


Yeah I don’t like micro SD. Way too easy to misplace.


Vey nice Thanks


Quite useful in stick up security home cameras. It’ll never run out of recording room.(or at least possibly outlast the camera before it’s filled) I think last I saw 32gb could go about a month of 1080p, motion activated, 30sec clips, for a dozen or so times a day.

I used to know the math for vid res x time =mb/gb space….

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Necessary evil.

Every dashcam I’ve installed uses them. Well over a dozen now.

Several years ago Target cleared out their (Sandisk?) 64GB cards for something stupid like $5/ea. I took advantage of that. I think I still have some new ones around somewhere.


Lovely design, I added the laser cut stitch holes, hope you like it.

sdcardwalletfullmonty.pdf (376.6 KB)


Well I’ve really only ever lost one and that was out of a dash cam lol. I brought it in the house to download some video off it and misplaced it. That was a couple years ago and I haven’t seen it since. I’m guessing it got vacuumed up.


Hopefully a helpful tip - I keep the SD adapter and case that they all appear to come with in the vehicle. I put it in there if I ever need to bring it indoors (and as my MacBook has an SD reader built-in, I can just slot it in directly…)

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I just bring the whole camera in now if I have something I want to download.

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Dang, that was some itch. These would sell I bet. Another fun fact, back in 1989-90 my brother was an Apple VAR vendor. He sold me at cost, a 40 Megabyte SCSI hard drive for $600.