Midway through print, Laser Head shutters, stops, and KEEPS FIRING in one spot...melted my clipping tray

After having the GF for a week, I have only gotten 1 correct print (of about 10) out of it. The 2 repeating issues are:

A) Print Alignment: I set the print in my desired location and it creates it in another (no rhyme or reason, could be 1/4" off or 3 inches). I have reset and cleaned the head twice.

B) Laser Head Stuck + Firing: on day 3, I was doing a print (printer sits to the left of my setup), then heard a shuttering, like a printer trying to clear a jam…thought nothing of it for about 10 seconds, then looked to see the laser melting through the side of my clipping tray. If I hadn’t been around to cancel the print, I imagine it would have burned through the GF itself/ possibly caused a fire. In some tests, the head will make it past the “jamming phase” but will go haywire, cutting/burning at random, and some it will continue like nothing happened.

I have found the issue is exacerbated when cutting, and less while engraving.

I reached out to GF, and they said it may be the belts, however, neither belt was loose/ caused the other side to move.

regardless, GF hasnt responded for 2 days and I have orders to fill for the holiday season…please help!

Attached here are supporting pics:

Yikes! Support will definitely want to look into this. If you have the exact date and time, along with your time zone, I’d suggest Posting it here so they can track it down in the logs.


And stop using the machine for now. Unplug it until you hear back from support about the



I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with your new Glowforge. My sincere apologies, you may have not received my response to your email.

Based on your description, your Glowforge unit may not be safe to operate. We are researching this situation right now. Please don’t use your printer until you hear back from us. I will resend that email and leave this thread open until you confirm that you have received it.


So we’ve all been made aware of this issue, please don’t close this thread until there is a resolution posted.
One thing I have always admired about this company is providing this platform for the company and its users here to air their laundry in public. That engenders consumer trust. That is golden.


Hey Chelsea,

Thank you for responding, I just sent over the pictures of the interior, let me know if that helps.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.