Might want to have a box size convo with your fulfillment center

This is the box that held 8 sheets of acrylic that i received today. a 20x30x5 box for a 12x20x2 stack of acrylic. while i appreciate the shrink wrapping (an improvement from earlier shipments), the comically large box with not nearly enough air pillows, even if they weren’t all deflated (probably from a mall stack sliding around the huge box). anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up of the new packaging in my anecdotal case. the box itself is much better quality than before, just way way too big.


Interesting. I received 10 sheets of 12x20 acrylic last week in a box that was sized perfectly. Maybe the reason some orders have been delayed is they ran out of correct size boxes.


Amazon does this to me all the time, comical indeed.


I have had orders come both ways in an oversized box and one that fit perfectly…

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My recent order came in a huge box also. I remember the last vendor experienced a box evolution also. They initially had a proper sized box but the side flaps met in the middle, and the boxes were smashed flat. They changed to a style where the flaps overlapped 100%, which gave a lot more structural strength to the carton.

It would be pretty hard to ignore the potential savings by not using a box that is almost twice the needed size. It could be a size they have a pallet of sitting there.


I’m glad that your materials arrived safely! Thank you for the feedback on the packaging. I’ll pass it on to our team.

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