Mini block-printing business cards

I was playing around with some some old french type-foundry images (courtesy of a Dover book) and altered an ad for an “artistic printer” with my info.

I like how it looked engraved, and thought it might make an interesting business card, but that would tie up my glowforge for way too long.
Business card-sized leather and wood versions:

So I thought I would try a stamp. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the rubber stamp material I have had laying around, as my neighbor/building manager was in, and complains about the smell from anything other than wood (his roof-mounted ac/fan intake is apparently too close to my roof exhaust output, which is the reason why I have done so little acrylic work, and why I haven’t cancelled my airfilter yet).

so… wood it is. Using a stamp pad, which is wrong. Using a registered base to for alignment, which just feels SO right.

One of these days I’ll get a chance to play with the stamp rubber, I have a feeling I’ll be a lot happier with the results.


Cool! Really great idea!


Oh, fantastic as always. (Love the wooden card.) :wink:


Oh, that sign came out so nice, really sharp!

If you’re not married to the idea of rubber, you could use the art stamp laser polymer material. It works quite well and the smell is fairly subtle. From


Does linoleum stink? It’s used for block printing. I bought some from Inventables with my credit, but haven’t gotten around to trying any stamping.

Nice idea.

According to this post it does stink:

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Really nice!

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Personally I think the effect you get from the wood stamp really suits the style and feel of your overall design and look. Sometimes out of necessity it helps us along the design process. Awesome artwork!

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Hey, so yo made the block print out of wood? This would be perfect for the earring cards i’m wanting to make. Would you mind telling me what settings/wood, etc., you used?

Yeah, it’s a woodblock print. This was done with Baltic Birch plywood. I don’t recall the settings used, probably fast and hot with a couple passes.

Came here looking to see if anyone else had used that site to buy materials. Thanks!!