Mini Infinty Cubes

Here’s my latest mini project for my “Toy Inventor’s Notebook” column in MAKE magazine. This time a pocket kaleidoscope of sorts: look inside the peep hole of this little cube and see an infinite galaxy of colorful stars.

A super simple one: just a small cube made of mirrored acrylic with the mirrors all facing in. One hole for viewing and a small bunch of round, moon, and star shaped holes in the opposite side. Just butt joints solvent bonded together and seams taped over to prevent light leaking all the edges. Super simple and fun.

I’d like to try a version made of mirrored Mylar, folded up to make the cube. Has anybody had good results cutting thick mirrored Mylar on the Glowforge? Speeds and power settings?


Testing will be your best route here.

#6 has you covered.

As for your cubes, nice and simple, I like it.

You might want to look for two-way mirror material, it opens up a lot of possibilities. @shogun did some projects that might give you ideas:


There are quite a few posts with settings if you search Mylar. I don’t know how the products compare with your thick mirrored mylar.


It has been a long time, but what I had was no different to thin mirrored acrylic. Just test to find appropriate settings.


Just charming. The images look like an internalised version of what you get with faceted crystal lenses.


Love your final result!

That’s adorable! It reminds me of the universe in a marble from MIB



Oh neat! I love this project!