Things That Go Blink In The Night Part 1

This is a new LED cube project I have been working on for the past few days. It uses the PixelBlaze Wifi LED controller which allows me to change the settings and patterns from a web app. The board drives an 8 by 8 LED Matrix.

The matrix sits beneath a set of half inch square towers of various heights, each with a set of mystical looking glyphs engraved in the sides.

The cube itself is faced with 1 way mirror acrylic. When unlit, it simply looks like a mirror. When the insides light up, you get a very nice infinity effect.


I use PixelBlaze. Been working on code to make a clock for a while - sporadically, not certain it can be done accurately.

What are your towers made from? Pre-cast acrylic bars?

Yes. I got them from here:

I ended up cutting them on the bandsaw and sanding the tops. Not as nice as a laser cut, but good enough for me.


You can/did you flame-finish the cuts?


Wow. Quite entertaining to watch. I like the laser/led build in progress next to a box of Crayons.

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I did not. I think I got a little fascinated with the way the lines from the bandsaw looked from above. I blame wine.



I didn’t watch full-screen the first time but I see them now.

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Wow! I got a big smile watching that. Great idea, incorporating several others - like the one-way mirror. It sits there in stealth mode and BAM! when you turn it on, the infinite effect, and addressable LEDs combine for such a cool result!
One of my favorites that I’ve seen here.


This is amazing!


I love everything about this! Someone was asking what they should use the blacker than black paint on - the box surrounding the mirror on this would be another great candidate. The knotwork would look like it was floating!


That is awesome!

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Ooooo, really cool! The video audio track is pretty nice too.

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Thank you so much. The audio track is also one of mine. :slight_smile: