Miniature Gaming Terrain



I have not posted much in the past few weeks because I’ve been VERY busy with lots of life stuff.

Some of that stuff was making things with the laser-cutter at the library for my son’s birthday. He plays warhammer, and keeps asking me for some more “terrain pieces”. I had already cut a few towers and bridges for him, but I ramped it up a bit in the past few weeks, so he could build something bigger.

Here are some (blurry) pictures.

Here’s the whole thing:

These are some landing pads:

Some power couplers/shield generators in the foreground. Satellite dish in the background

Here is the portal:

I made some larger “bridge” pieces that I plan to expand on to make proper bridges.

Power Generators:

Storage Hangars and Smoke Stacks.

Houses and bridges:

He was pretty happy when he got them. That being said, as soon as he got them, he started asking, “Can you also make me a --something or other– and also a --something else–…, oh and don’t forget I also need a --thingamabob–”.

So I probably have more miniature terrain designs in my near future. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.


That looks amazing! How long did it take to design all of it? Everything there looks so cool… Thank you for sharing. :relaxed:


Sigh! Something to aspire to…again! (Great job as always!) ROFL! :smile:


Does your creativity have no bounds? WOW! :+1:


Sounds like you have a new business venture. Great project and great design.


Awesome work!


The design of each piece took a while. For example, the portal took about 1 hour of sketching, 2-3 hours of design on Fusion 360, and about 45 minutes to cut on the laser. It also took me about an hour to create an “alien” looking font so that I could use it in a bunch of projects. The portal is the first project that uses that font.

I’ve been working on some of the pieces for quite a while now. I’ve been designing them, but not actually making them (since it’s hard for me to get some time on the laser at the library). His upcoming birthday was a motivating factor to actually get some pieces done and cut.


OMG Stargate!

You are awesome! Every project i have seen you post turns out to be something I want to do too. :slight_smile:


Wow! Been a long time since I played 40k but making terrain was always something I enjoyed quite a lot. Nice work.


seriously super cool. and i’m impressed you dont even have your own laser cutter yet. Im in awe.


Totally Amazing!!! My boy would be in heaven with even half of what you have created. They are so cool I would be right there playing next to him :wink: Seriously Amazing Work!


That is some amazing work!


I’d say you are one heck of a dad!


Amazing detail!

Reminds me of Dan’s wife asking him “you notice the kids are asking us to make them something instead of buying them something?”


This will be remembered as the post that launched a thousand Glowforges. Amazing skills and great pics.

I have this feeling that you would be able to make a nice living doing YouTube videos of design and printing for the Glowforge by just demoing these builds.


Holy smokes that’s cool! I love the stargate!


I think you just might get the “Best Dad Ever” award this year!


These look fantastic. Makes me want to start playing Warhammer just so i would have a reason to make some.


Omg x infinity


This is killer man. Well done!