Minimalist wallets

Working on designing some minimalist wallets for Christmas. A few more tweaks and ans they’ll be good to go. (It sparked a lively household discussion about who is a money folder vs keeping it flat. I’m clearly a folder lol.)



I’m going to think of you anytime I see a skeletal version of a mammal from now on…


I too am making minimalist wallets :slight_smile:


Pretty! How did you do the coloring?

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I used Fiebing’s Leather Dye from Tandy Leather, this one was “ox blood”. This was the streakiest one so I kept if for myself, also made them in navy and dark brown.


Love the rivets. They’re going to be a big part of my build plans. Also, thanks for reminding me to buy rivets.


I really like those…great shape! Are you doing any kind of finishing on the edges? :grinning:

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Nice! I love the distressed look of that oil tan.

Not a type of leather that I typically work with, but I just might have to get some now :wink:


I LOVE them! The color of the leather is awesome…and the diagonal slats for the cards are a really nice touch. I’m a money folder. I use a front pocket wallet/money clip.


I was just starting a fabric project that will need rivets, and I’ve only ever used rivets for sheet metal. Glancing around amazon and tandy I’ve seen the hand-held punch and die tools, some plier-type tools, and a few benchtop presses…would you care to share the method/tools you used on this project?

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Very nice, you’ve got me thinking in rivets instead of stitches. Here’s another request to share the riveting/snap tools and parts you used.

Here ya go guys. I’m new to this as well so take my info with a grain of salt. I just bought the cheap set off of Amazon and used the tool that came with it. I used the smallest size and went through them really fast. I’m going to have to buy more already. I don’t know if there’s a huge difference in quality in rivets either. Now that I know that I’ve tried them, I’ll look into what’s out there.


$10 to test the waters looks great to me, thanks.


Thanks! That looks pretty similar to the set I ordered, but different style rivets. I will report back when mine arrive.


That looks like a great buy for a starter pack. When you re-order, I’d encourage you to check out Springfield Leather. They’re a mom and pop shop that has been around for ages. Great selection and often better prices than Tandy.

Got an error message when I tried to access the site just now, but do check back later. They’re worth it.


Very nice, thank you Drea. I will definitely be looking to upgrade.