Miracloth cutting

Needed to cut fabric and had Mira cloth on hand (same thickness as muslin cloth; beyond the accuracy of my calipers LoL). Looked up the community and google on safety advice and seems like we can cut rayon and polyester. We just need to be careful of burning it but other than that it seems to be safe. The only thing I noticed that it gives a bad/burnt/acryly odor after cutting.

Cut directly on the honeycomb tray [got the laser head replaced from GF (Thank you GF) and all my previous issues related to not being able to focus on card stock were resolved]. GF support came thru like champs. :+1:

I used the 20lb paper setting. Worked really well, though seems to have a large kerf (just eyeballing it) probably due to melting. I didn’t bother with adjusting the kerf though as it will be sandwiched between two Baltic birch pieces (as wings).

This is for the Da Vinci Glider. If you make this, one of the wing pieces is longer (i.e., will misalign when assembling) so you may want to just select one pair and duplicate, also shrink the fabric cutouts as it is bigger than the wings (I didn’t like it flopping around but that may have been the original designers intention :man_shrugging:).


Sounds like it was a success. Anxious to hear/see how your glider shapes up!

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Yup on fabric, just like with a burn test cutting with the laser will ash the edge of silk and cotton, soft ball the edge of rayon, and hard ball the edge of poly - and combos of those for mixed fabrics. It’s a dream for cutting out complicated shapes!


I’d love to see the finished product!


Happy to hear you received a replacement head for your Glowforge and are back up and running!!

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Lol me too!

I really couldn’t figure out how the rangefinder would not pick up the thinnest of materials. Other than its intrinsic sensor accuracy there is no minimum depth (obviously the lenses focus limitation is there). There is no way for the machine to detect if the tray is in or out.

Over all I would give GF support 5 stars. They were very good. Quick turnaround. Now just need to ship the old one back. :smiley:

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