Mirror is Stuck

I took my mirror out and cleaned it. When I tried to replace it it slid in slightly askew. It is sitting like it should but blue indicator tab is rotated about 15 degrees to the counter clockwise. I am afraid to apply pressure in any direction.

I am waiting to hear from tech support.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I thought that I was following instructions precisely and was very gentle.


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It’s supposed to sit at an angle. Rita just posted some pictures.


You can probably gently pull it back out and try again. Don’t twist it so it doesn’t get scratched.

It is sitting at about 45 degrees but it is not straight like Rita’s picture from the top view.

It took virtually no pressure to remove it the first time but now slight tugs will not remove it.

If you hold the base down with one hand and pull firmly but gently backwards in the direction of insertion, (45 degree angle), you should be able to back that out without hurting it.

Did it twist while it was going in? You might just be experiencing the magnetic attraction…that has to be overcome.

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It must have twisted. I pulled a little harder than I was comfortable with and it came out smoothly. Thanks for your help.

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Super! :grinning:

Thanks again.

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@Jules, thanks a lot for the help. I’m sorry about the scare, @userk999!

Are you still experiencing any trouble after replacing the mirror and printing?

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Everything is working great.

I’m glad to hear it!

I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you have any other questions.